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Howard Hughes was a visionary, and he knew a good thing was about to happen when he bought the land that would become Summerlin, NV. Located just west of Las Vegas, Summerlin has its own identity and appeal outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city. Are you interested in real estate services in Summerlin, NV, to start living your dream? Here’s why there’s no time like now to buy a new home in Summerlin, NV.

Just Look at That View

A hot desert climate means you can enjoy the great outdoors throughout the year, and where better to get outside than Summerlin? With the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area practically in your backyard, you can hike the trails, bike the city’s many paths, play in the parks, or just relax and gaze out on the horizon. People want to buy a new home in Summerlin, NV, because it is a nature lover’s paradise right outside their doorsteps.

Living the Dream

If you can’t find something that appeals to you in Summerlin, you aren’t trying hard enough. The quality of life is one of the big draws that attracts people to seek real estate services in Summerlin, NV. This master planned community is designed for people of all ages to live and thrive. That means you can expect:

  • Excellent public and private schools
  • Parks, trails, pools, and golf courses
  • Top-notch medical facilities
  • Cultural attractions and shopping centers
  • Diverse houses of worship
  • Family-friendly and golden-age neighborhoods

Making the Switch

Real estate services in Summerlin, NV, can make it easy to help you find the right home for you and your family. Because the town is so well-planned, you have choices of different villages that may appeal to you. Would you like to be close to the downtown area, with its shopping, dining, and entertainment? Are you interested in a more private spot closer to the trail system? Do you want to be close to schools and recreation? When you buy a new home in Summerlin, NV, you have so many great choices that you may have a hard time narrowing it down.

Time to Get Serious

You don’t have to wait one more day to start looking for quality real estate services in Summerlin, NV. We can help you find the home of your dreams. Search our site for homes for sale in Summerlin, and while here, see what else we can do to make living your best life a reality.


Since Summerlin® began development in the late 1980s, the community has become home to nearly 100,000 Southern Nevadans who enjoy an unparalleled quality of life within one of the country’s most dynamic and exciting cities. As one of the nation’s best-selling master-planned communities for nearly two decades, Summerlin has set the standard both locally and nationally for award-winning master-planned development. Read more here

Situated along the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley in the shadow of the Spring Mountain Range and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Summerlin is unfolding on 35 square miles of desert land acquired by Howard Hughes in the 1950s. It is one of the nation’s largest contiguous properties under single ownership adjacent to a major metropolitan area.

The Howard Hughes Corporation spent more than three years developing a community master plan that set the standard for master-planned communities nationwide. The result is the stunning and vibrant community of Summerlin – a place where residents learn and live in harmony with the environment, their neighbors and their families.

A multi-generational community, Summerlin abounds with parks, trails, sports fields, golf courses, natural open areas and its own live, work, play urban core in the heart of the community. The community boasts more educational choices than any other in Las Vegas with more than two dozen schools, including the city’s finest private schools and top-ranked public schools. Summerlin is also home to a growing number of national and local businesses that choose to make it a place to work as well as live.

The only community in Southern Nevada with its own downtown, Summerlin boasts 106 acres of fashion, dining and entertainment encompassed within Downtown Summerlin®, an outdoor pedestrian retail destination that also includes Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa and the National Hockey League practice facility for the city’s first professional sports franchise – the Vegas Golden Knights.With state-of-the-art medical services, houses of worship representing a variety of faiths and cultural facilities that rank as the best in the Las Vegas valley, Summerlin is a place in Las Vegas like no other.

The vision of creating a hometown with a genuine community spirit continues to be fulfilled in Summerlin. The community’s extensive range of housing, commercial and retail opportunities has equally broad demographic appeal which, in turn, ensures a diverse and stable population. The Howard Hughes Corporation’s continuing investment in the community’s physical and social infrastructure ensures that Summerlin will continue its evolution as the premier community in Las Vegas for generations to come.

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